Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Bits of Stuff!

First - if your local to northeast Ohio, my friend Michelle is having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday to help raise the ransom needed to bring home their son.  Renars is 12 years old and has some special needs.  He needs to see a doctor soon, like last month and the sooner they can get him home the better!  They have a ton of great stuff (awesome baby gear, dining room tables, dresser sets, a kids fire truck bed, books, etc) and need to sell it ALL!  So if you're in the area and want to stop by, let me know and I'll get you their address!  There's also a bake sale and coffee/cider sale with some of the baked goods coming compliments of me... they're good.  I promise.

On the other side of adoption, my friend Allison is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Allison and her family are waiting on a referral for their daughter, Caroline Faith, and as they wait they are spreading the adoption love. Head on over to Allison's blog and check out her Bayt Boutique giveaway. The best part of the giveaway?? Bayt Boutique is raising funds to bring their little girl home from Ethiopia! Jenny from Bayt Boutique is a fellow AGCI momma and my favorite piece of hers:

I've been all about chalk boards lately and love the distressed - shabby chic look of this!  I also love their distressed shelves.  I can think of a few places either one of these items would look great in my house! 

Lastly, dear friends, would you read this post from Adeye and pray for Zach?  Maybe share his story or donate to his adoption fund.  This little one is longing for a family and you just never know, maybe you know a family that is his family or maybe that family is you.  Mostly, would you join me in praying that Zach will feel the love of his heavenly father while he waits to feel the love of family here on earth.  Every child deserves a family.  Zach is no exception. 

And because no post is ever complete without a Gabe photo. I'm on my parents computer so this is an oldie. 
Isn't he cute?  He has the look of being well cared for and loved.  Boy is he loved.  Tonight, I'm praying this for Zach:  to have the look of being well cared for and loved deeply. 

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Jenny Marrs said...

Thank you so much for sharing our giveaway here! And I'm praying for Zach!!!