Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's cold up here and other stuff

Chilly.  Autumn was always my favorite season but coming from 90 degrees and lots of sunshine to 55 degrees and lots of clouds is making me second guess that decision. 
We walked off the plane and moseyed our way over to Gabe's cousin Caleb soccer game.  Gabe enjoyed watching the game but enjoyed romping around in the grass more.  And sitting on Papo's shoulders?  That was his favorite part. 
 During our visit to Ohio Gabe also went to the dentist.  For the first time!  My cousin is a pediatric dentist so we saved our dental experience for someone who would care about Gabe no matter how he behaved - ha!  Gabe did great until the seat started to move back.  So he sat in my lap, laid his head back on Rocky's lap and was a trooper.  I can't say there were no tears but Gabe let Dr. Rocky check out his teeth.  Dr. Rocky said his teeth look great; the enamel looks very strong and there are no weak spots to be concern him. 

Adding to the excitement of soccer games and visiting to the dentist, were hair cuts and dum-dum lollipop.  Gabe went and had his hair cut by my hair stylist (and friend) Eliot!  After sitting still and calm to get his hair cut, Gabe was in for a real treat.  A lollipop!  Gabe had his first lollipop!  Yes, he's 3 and no, we're not completely anti-sugar.  But Gabe doesn't like sweet things and there's no reason for us to push candy on him... so at the age of 3, Gabe had his first lollipop.  Boy, did he enjoy it! 

I love the look on his face here... he was really into that lollipop!

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