Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Moving from Houston to Ohio was a blessing in many ways; the biggest being Gabe will be growing up with his cousins and grandparents close by.  On the flip side we left the land of sun and our new house.  Our new house with beautiful bathrooms.  Sounds trivial, I know but the bathroom at our house in Ohio was really, well, gross.  I mean, prior to moving out it was clean but the tiles that were on ALL the walls were stained and some broken, the tub was stained, walls were peeling... it was gross.  I used more elbow grease then I knew I had to clean it but the stains remained.  Add to the fact that we had 3 guys in their 20's renting our house while we lived in Ohio and the bathroom was just a hot mess. 
Then Matt stepped in.  With the help of our brothers, he completely renovated our bathroom.  Took out the disgusting tub, ripped out the plaster walls and the dated tile that covered each wall.  Matt worked from early morning to late at night when we came to Ohio in early December and then when we officially moved back he had a few more long days of work.  But the result?  Well.. suffice it to say that the bathroom is now my favorite room in the house!
Our  bathroom:
new tub
new toilet
new vanity
insulated walls
new window
fresh paint
refinished wood floors
beautiful tile surrounding our tub
It's a brand new bathroom in a 100 year old house.  I love it! 
A little peak into our beautiful bathroom.

One of my favorite scriptures hanging about the towel rack.
Beautiful tile laid by Matt lines our shower .  The tile around the tub and the hand sanded and stained wooden floors are my favorite parts of the bathroom.  The company that redid our wood floors upstairs said the wood was to weak for their equipment, so my darling husband, knowing my love for wood floors and my desire to have the bathroom look in my mind, classic spent extra time sanding and staining them.  He's a great guy, I tell you!

And the awesomeness... the crème de la crème of the bathroom...
Our Harry Potter decal on the toilet.  It reads "This way to the Ministry of Magic"  and makes me smile every single time I walk into the bathroom.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I tell you.


Mari Bryant- Marks said...

I love,it. Like a really whole lot!

Mike Medved said...

Gorgeous Meredith :-)