Thursday, March 14, 2013

Houston: Day 1

Last week Matt had to go to Houston for work and Gabe and I decided to ride along.  We wanted to have fun, visit with some friends and see the sun.  Oh the beautiful sun!  It was big-sunglasses-necessary, warm on your face, beautiful warm sunshine!

After a little bit of a debacle trying to get out of Cleveland (forgot car seat in the car, missed flight because of metal detectors and rude employees), we landed in Houston late Saturday night and were ready for fun!

Sunday morning started early with church!  Going back to Cypress Family Fellowship was a little bit like going home (more on that later!).  Gabe was excited to see his friends and went right into class without a hitch.  Matt and I were able to catch up with a few people before service and even make plans for dinner later in the week.  Score!  Pastor Kevin's sermon was spot-on and we left rejuvenated and blessed.

After church we made our way to the Rodeo! Our trip couldn't have been better planned. A sunny Sunday spent at the rodeo was pure perfection.  We ate delicious BBQ, drank homemade lemonade, visited animals and lots of small shops and walked outside at the fair basking in the sunshine. 

Mama Cow bathing her calf.
The best part of the day...
Gabe 'rode' a pony. 
I can't help but smile when I see this.  Gabe absolutely loved it and kept asking to do it again.  In this simple photo I see so much hope.  Hope because a year ago there was no way Gabe would have physically been able to sit up on a pony without help or emotionally would have been comfortable doing it.  What a remarkable difference a year makes. 

After the rodeo we went out to the outlets to walk.  And shop!  The evening culminated with dinner at Luby's.  I'd never been there before but liked to tease Matt about how much he loves their chicken fried chicken. But oh. my. goodness, it was so good.  Like divinely delicious! 

Church, Rodeo, Shopping, Luby's and a whole lot of sunshine - day 1 in Houston was a huge success!

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