Monday, March 4, 2013

I had my picture taken with Peyton Manning

With winter in full effect here in Ohio, we are always looking for something fun to do while staying warm.  The Cleveland Auto Show was the perfect answer.  We went right when they opened to try to avoid the crowds.  The word try was the operative word because a lot of people had the same idea.  Our first stop, and my favorite, were the classic cars.


Antique Cleveland Police Car
 And then we stopped briefly at Millionaire's Row.  Cars worth, well millions and you couldn't even get close enough to breathe on them.  There was a police officer standing guard.  Surely you can tell where our priorities are in Cleveland - ha!

 After Millionaire's Row we found the concession stands, most notably the Rito's Bakery Stand.  Pizza Rolls and Angel wings made this car show the best one yet.  I suppose it's not important to bring up the fact this was my favorite car show ever because it's the first one I've gone too.  But I digress. 

Now the cars.  Surely I look like I belong in a red Lexus convertible.

Gabe wanted to try his hand at driving a new Mercedes.  Seriously, how do they make their seats.  It's like a little bit of heaven sitting in a car.

Another Mercedes (I think)  .Boots - check.  FasionABLE scarf - check.  Crazy expensive SUV - check!

This van is a collaborative vehicle from many different car makers.  The wheelchair ramp is standard and inside their are 3 seats in the back row and then an empty passenger side equipped with latches to keep the wheelchair stationary when the car is in motion.  Super cool! Super innovative!  And a wonderful way to equip families with members that have different abilities than the typical person.  Love it!

And then here it is, Matt in our 'future' van.  It's a Mercedes 9 or 11 person van.  It starts at $40,000 but the supped up version at the car show was $112,000.  Heated seats, 6 captain seats that reclined to almost flat, large flat screen television.  It was amazing.  Totally not necessary, but amazing.  M y favorite part of this vehicle is that a grown woman (me) can get in holding a child and walk (standing fully erect) through the whole van.  This vehicle is perfect for parents of children with special needs.  And it's a Mercedes to boot!

Gabe wanted in on some picture taking action.  This is his "cheese" face. 

Matt and Gabe on an ATV.

Matt and his future car.  The new Prius that gets 50 miles to the gallon. 

Then, as we were getting ready to leave we saw him.  Peyton Manning.  He's taller than I imagined.  And a little stiff, and, um.. flat... and made of cardboard!!!  Ha!  But a picture with Peyton nonetheless.

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