Saturday, March 16, 2013

Houston Day 2

Today was almost a complete disaster.  After dropping Matt off at the office and a quick breakfast at the hotel, Gabe and I headed to his favorite place in the world - The Children's Museum of Houston.  We made it there in good time, parked (paid for parking) and headed to the doors.  I grabbed the handle to pull it open and it was locked!  A worker inside saw us at the door and she came out to tell us they were closed on Mondays.  I'm not sure how in the year prior we never attempted to go on a Monday or missed the sign on the front of the building stating they were closed on Mondays but alas, that was the situation. 

Gabe was heartbroken and didn't understand why we couldn't go inside.  After he calmed down, we checked out the map and decided to head on over to the Museum of Natural History.  Matt had been there once for work and from what he saw, said it was great and I knew they had a great dinosaur exhibit.  It wouldn't be as good as the Children's Museum but considering Gabe's love for dinosaurs I figured he'd enjoy himself.  And he did.  I did too as it's all science and right up my geeky alley.

Stand (or sit) on the scale and it told you the amount of different elements in your body.
 Gabe's favorite part!  Dinosaurs.  Gabe amazed me as he identified dinosaurs by their fossilized skeletons.  He's one smart cookie!

 Petrified trees

Ammonites: The real winners of the Darwinism race

 A brief visit to Africa.  It was about 2:30 by now and Gabe was ready to leave. 

 Day 2 was a huge success.  If we ever move back to Houston we will definitely be getting a family pass for here.  And I'll be visiting on my own as well so I can spend as much time as I want looking at all the science nerd stuff!

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