Monday, March 18, 2013

Houston Day 3

As luck would have it, the Tuesday we were in Houston fell on our church's Preschool Play Date day.  I was so excited!  Excitement grew when we realized the play date was at the zoo!  We planned on going to the zoo anyways, but it's always so much better with friends.
We started off in the reptile house.  Gabe could've cared less about the reptiles but loved the tunnel you could crawl through between exhibits.  Last year fall he still wasn't sure enough of himself to go through it but this visit.  He rocked it!  Gabe loved the tunnel and we hung back a little bit longer to give him a few more tries.  I love when my little boy accomplishes something new!

The weather was perfect!  High 60's and lots of sunshine led to a day full of meandering the exhibits and watching the animals.  It was just cool enough that most of the animals were out and full of energy. 

Gabe asked to sit on the turtle! 

After the zoo we needed to stop by HEB to pick up some diapers.  How I didn't pack enough is beyond me, but Gabe was excited when we arrived there.  HEB has the best shopping carts.  They have fairly large cars on top of them and Gabe was ridiculously excited to ride in one.  This grocery cart is absolutely perfect for Gabe.  Big enough that he can sit in it easily and not let his high tone effect him but small enough that I can manueuver it through the store.  Take note groceries of north-east Ohio... carts like these would make my life so much easier.  No pushing a buggy and pulling a grocery cart all through the store!

After picking Matt up from work came one of the highlights of the trip: dinner with our friends from church.  Eating chili surrounded by good friends and all of our crazy kids was the perfect ending to the day.  The food was delicious (best peach cobbler I've ever had!) but the company, that's what made the night great.  It was so nice to share a meal with friends, laughing until I was nearly crying and recounting all that's happened since we left.  Listening to the men talk about their intense and mutual love of Mexican and BBQ was also hilarious.  I'm pretty sure Mexican food is Matt's mistress[smile]. 

Our trip in Houston was winding down but we were having so much fun it seemed impossible that we'd been gone for almost 3 months. 

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