Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home Pre-Schooling

Gabe doesn't go to preschool but that doesn't mean he doesn't get any learning in.  With therapy and play dates, we just don't have room in our schedule :) Besides, we do plenty of learning at home everyday.  Most of the day we just read, work (therapy) and play... but what Gabe doesn't know is that most of that playing, is learning! 
Take playing with dried beans: Gabe works his fine motor skills by using different utensils to move the beans, he learns about spatial relationships as he digs for beans, pours beans into different containers and searches for trains buried in the beans. Lots of learning and lots of fun!

Besides building with blocks, sorting is a lot of fun.  This afternoon Gabe practiced his colors and categorizing by sorting the blocks by color.  With a bin of 100 blocks, that's a lot of sorting. 

 As for Gabe?  He thinks sorting is so much fun! 

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