Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday Vol 7

Adoption is not always sunshine and rainbows like some people think it is. 

But even if it's not all sunshine and rainbows, there are many good parts beyond the obvious of getting your child home.

These good parts come as little surprises along the way; kind of like when you spot a narwhal out on the ocean.  One of the 'surprises' comes in the friendships I've forged with fellow adoptive parents.  These are the deep relationships that you know will last forever. 

Friends that instantly respond to late night messages encouraging what others may think of as an exhibition of insanity.
Friends that can understand the ache in your heart to hold a child who's face you've never seen but know is out there.
Friends that post YouTube video's of them singing songs like I Can't Wait or Call Me Maybe just because they are awesome like that.
Friendships that aren't changed by time zones, long distances or never meeting face to face.
Friends that understand you're going to burst into tears the first time you see them and don't think you're unstable because of it.
Friends that pray with you, pray for you and ask you to pray for them as well.

Thankful.  Grateful.  Encouraged.

These adoption friends who get it.  Who get me.  They are the silver lining to the hard things in adoption.  They're a blast of List Frank unicorn awesomeness in the dull grey of the wait.

I saw this on Pintrest and instantly thought of some of my adoptive moms.  I am so thankful for women who let me be me and when necessary, encourage me to be a unicorn! 

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