Friday, March 1, 2013

We're back!

At the beginning, my break from our blog was unintentional.  Moving back to Ohio, getting back into the swing of things and lets be honest, the grief of losing our referral left me to exhausted to think about writing.  Then as one week turned to two and two to three, I would come here and just sit.  I didn't want this to be a place of sadness but every time I'd sit down to type, I'd be overwhelmed with the reality that I wanted to be sharing about preparing to bring home our son while in reality we are still a family of three.

But life moves on and it's almost Spring.  I can't wait for Spring with sunshine, trips to the zoo and a lot of time to spend outside. 

It's still cold and snowy (sometimes a bitter cold and rainy mix - my least favorite thing for the weather to do), so we're spending a lot of time inside having fun.  Or in the car going to therapy or play dates!  Both are fun because at this age, despite the hard work Gabe still considers therapy to be fun and asks to go play with Shannon, Jenny, Danielle or Sarah every day. 

A pictorial review of what we've been up too!

A visit to Chick-fil-A and their play place.

Gabe helped Matt build a bookshelf for the playroom.

Nothings better than playing with dry beans except for beans down your back!

Gabe loves to eat at his new table in the play room. 

Gabe being a "basketball Jones" and stuffing it!

Matt and I went with our friends, Sondra and Carl to see Potted Potter.  If you're any type of a Harry Potter fan you will see this when it comes to your town.  It was amazing.  And hysterical!

The Hogwarts Express on the set of Potted Potter! Yes, it is that awesome!
 Visiting (and wrestling) with all his cousins at his Nonny and Papo's house.

 Lots and lots of block play.  Gabe's favorite?  Playing dominoes with them.

Early morning wake ups, mean finishing the night in bed with Mommy and Daddy. 

Les Miserable came to Play House Square and Sondra and I were off to the theater once again!  Les Mis was wonderful; the actors did great, their voices were phenomenal.  And like always, the story of love and redemption brought this girl to tears.

 Gabe doing what he does and doing it well.  Gabe has been practicing with a walker at therapy and at home.  For more practice we brought it to Staples with us.  Watching Gabe walk through Staples?  Chock it up to being another amazing moment in the life of Gabe. 
And that's what we've been up too!  What about you?

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