Sunday, March 6, 2011


No 104 is not the number of days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premier (that's actually 130 in case you were wondering), but the temperature that Gabe suddenly spiked Friday morning.

When I put the thermometer under his arm (we have since bought a temporal thermometer after the displeasure Gabe shows when the thermometer is under his arm) the numbers skipped right to 100. And I almost fell off my chair. Well, had I been sitting in a chair I may have fallen off of it.

A very long call to the pediatric nurse on call told me that because Gabe wasn't showing any other symptoms that we should do a regime of Tylenol and Motrin, alternating them every three hours. And his temperature went down a bit and continued to hang around 100 - 101.

Que late Friday night (or really early Saturday morning) when the dosage times were a little farther a part and Gabe's temp skyrocketed back to 103. The Tylenol and Motrin brought it back down but like Friday, Gabe was a clingy, crabby, tired 'ole hot mess for most of Saturday.

Except for the few moments when he found his smile, climbed on the ground and played for a few minutes. How my heart rejoiced when he would smile.

Saturday night was identical to Friday night except for one caveat. When Gabe awoke feverish he decided that it was time to get up and play. So from about 3:00 - 5:00, Gabe and I cuddled on the couch. He played with a few toys and laughed, poked and patted me whenever I'd close my eyes.

Today, Gabe's fever has hung around 99.5 - 100. We're hoping (and praying) that this means Gabe's little body is on the mend.

***Updated, I just took Gabe's temperature (while he naps!) and it was 98.9! Close enough to normal for me :)***

I'm not sure I can tell you how quickly my heart fell into my stomach feet when I read the thermometer that first time. Instinctively my mind went directly on seizure watch. Matt and I have not let Gabe out of our sight as we watch him to make sure that 1.) he's okay and 2.) that we don't miss a seizure. And it hasn't been to hard to keep him with us as he's feeling wimpy and prefers to be held, cuddled and just plain old being close to us.

Will there ever be a time when Gabe gets a fever and I don't go crazy watching for a seizure? And by crazy I mean, the second Gabe moves in bed, pick him and check him out. Yes, Gabe finally began spending the majority of his sleep time in his bed and then a fever hits.

Here's to hoping Gabe feels better soon! And goes back to sleeping in his bed!

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