Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Your Thing?

T-shirts and hats not your thing? Well, Ordinary Hero now has a way for you to help bring our baby home and make a difference in the life of an child in Africa.

Product donations for Children in Africa is a way to provide a child in Africa with shoes that will keep their feet safe, a rain coat to keep them dry during the rainy season or a blanket to help keep them warm during winter (which is quickly approaching for them).

I can not stress how much I love organizations that find ways to support people in need. And I'm continually amazed by Ordinary Hero, how they continually keep finding ways to help people.

Onto a completely different subject but still the same topic... NCAA's March Madness is ruining my television watching. Thursday night Matt turned on the tv and I was eagerly anticipating watching The Big Bang Theory but alas there was basketball. Ack! So while I'm eagerly awaiting basketball's March Madness to come to an end, I wanted to remind you that Just Love Coffee's March Madness has 10 days left! Buy coffee and get a chance to win coffee!

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Carrie said...

Hope you are getting close on your Coffee March Madness! We love coffee, especially Ethiopia's, so I was happy I could order this time!