Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Small Things

At our house we celebrate the small things in life just as much as we celebrate the big things. Accomplishments like learning to open and close (and open and close) the refrigerator are embraced just as much as pulling up into a four point crawl position or using crayons. to make discreet marks. And milestones like being able to support and control the left side of your body to help you open the refrigerator garner just as much praise as standing without assistance.

If Gabriel has taught us anything (and, boy has he taught us a lot!), he's taught us that every day is a miracle and we should act accordingly! So today, we celebrate the milestone of being able to open the refrigerator door. And close the refrigerator door. And open the refrigerator door. And close... well you get the picture [SMILE].


Denise said...

And what a miracle he is. I am in awe of the things Gabe does daily, what a mighty God we serve.

Melissa said...

So sweet! :) Definitely worth celebrating!!

VictoriaL said...

What an inspiring post! How awesome that must have been for him. Talk about a reward for your efforts. :)

Thanks for sharing. I'm really glad right now that you don't have a fridge like me with a drawer on the bottom.

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

That's so exciting!!!