Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Note

Today Ordinary Hero is offering an incentive! The first fundraising family to raise $100 in commissions will receive a matching grant from OH for $100! So that's $200 for an adoption fund! Do you think we can do it? Have you been wanting to buy and just can't decide which shirt? Well buy today and we receive an 'extra bonus' if we're the first family to $100 in commissions! I myself am trying to figure out how to convince Matt that we can buy some early Christmas presents and I'd like a shirt too of course [SMILE].

***don't forget to choose us as the affiliate the proceeds go too***

In other news, we're getting closer to our March Madness goal, so if you're jonesing for some good coffee check out our Just Love Coffee shop. Enjoy some yummy coffee whilst helping us raise the ransom to bring our sweet little one home; the one whom only God knows his face but we already love dearly. Yes, it is totally possible to love someone you don't know, who may not be part of this world yet.

And please, please, PLEASE, keep praying for Kirill.

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