Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some good stuff!

Our last home study visit was today! Of course, our house passed the inspection. I say of course, because the sheet was the exact same form that was used for Gabe's adoption and our home study update for DCFS and as we passed those times and had changed nothing but room colors, we were sure we'd pass.

Stacy, our caseworker, said she would have the home study ready for us to preview in a day or so, and then it will be submitted to Cincinnati, then off to Portland. As soon as we have our home study approved we can apply to get our CIS fingerprints (the last, most official fingerprints!)

And while we wait for our fingerprints we'll finish up with our dossier paperwork. I love that we are getting closer and closer to the point where we will be just waiting for the call. While we know that the time of just waiting will be tedious, and that God will probably be teaching me a lot about patience during the waiting period, I just can't wait to officially be waiting. I say official, because we're already waiting on the little one we so dearly love.

And without further ado a little picture strip of Gabe clapping. We're ecstatic that he recognizes his left side enough now to clap! And if you knew how hard it would be or the amount of work it took for him to be able to do it, you'd be ecstatic too. You may already be ecstatic though?!?!

Yes we are in the car but no, I am not driving. Why take pictures in the car? Because that's where Gabe does most of his clapping. Gabriel hears music and claps along - our boy has rhythm!

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Heather and Chad said...

We are ecstatic!!!! YAY Gabe!!!! Congrats on being close to the "official" wait!!!