Sunday, March 27, 2011


On Wednesday, Gabriel and I headed west into Oberlin to have lunch with a very special person; his grandma S! After eating lunch and catching up on all things Gabe, we decided to check out a store that opened recently.

The store was called Inspired and it is a fair trade and eco-friendly store. Everything there, and I mean everything came from a fair trade organization and almost everything was eco-friendly, ie made from recycled or sustainable materials.
Gabe was gifted two very cool things.

This bib was made in Ghana and helps women work themselves and their family out of poverty. It's made from cotton and was dyed with, not dye, but berries. How cool is that?

(bad picture, but it reads "Toys with Integrity")
This cute little farm was hand-painted in Thailand using their renewable wood sources and non-toxic paint. It has 12 animals, a zoo entrance gate and 8 pieces of fence. And you can tell it's hand painted because of the little details and even a few smears :) Not mistakes, they give it character!

This store had the cutest fleece jacket that I now have my eye on and a wall hanging that would look great in our back room! And everything was fair trade. I love that there is a nifty place to shop where you know that the people behind the merchandise are making a living wage; enough to provide food and shelter for themselves and their family.

Good merchandise, good cause - I can't wait to go back!

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