Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of Thoughts

A deep sigh of relief emanates from my soul as the weekend is here! It's barely 7 o'clock, Gabe is a sleep and I have just enough energy to put my thoughts on paper, err the Internet.

This weekend will bring peace from updates about Ethiopian adoptions. And while I'm thankful for each update, I dread reading them and the anxiety is overpowering sometimes before I click on them. I'm going to relish my empty inbox this weekend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for all your love, support and prayers this week. And if you haven't signed the petition... what are you waiting for?

And despite the news in Ethiopia we are plugging away at our adoption paperwork. Matt and I both had our individual interviews and our last and final interview and home inspection is scheduled for March 19. And while we wait we're getting together as much dossier paperwork we can so that, despite these current setbacks, we're still ready to roll!

Also on the adoption front we're trying to get a few fundraisers rolling. One should be up and ready in the next couple of days while the other ones are a work in progress.

Help Me Grow came this week for Gabe's 6 month update! All three ladies that came (HMG representative, Gabe's play therapist and a BCMH representative) couldn't believe how well he's doing. Donna (play therapist) sees Gabe monthly but the other two were so impressed by our little man. Sometimes I get so caught up in what we need to work on rather than how well he's actually doing but this week, after this visit I found myself being much more thankful for all the little miracles Gabe achieves daily. Tammy, (BCMH representative) who hadn't seen Gabe in 8 months and had just been with another child who has schizencephaly, kept marveling at how remarkable Gabe's progress has been. Definitely warmed this mama's heart!

My Bead for Life party is tomorrow! I'm super excited and hope to have an even better turnout this year. It's pretty spectacular to think that have a fun get together with friends (old and new) can help eradicate poverty a world away.

Tomorrow I also get to meet my friend Erica. I'm using the term friend a bit loosely as we have yet to meet but seeing as she and her family are also adopting from Ethiopia (they're a few steps ahead of us!) it will be nice to be with someone who really 'gets' what the recent news means to us.

And now I'm going to join Gabriel in the peace that only sleep can bring!

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alissa said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope God gives you peace.