Saturday, March 5, 2011


I adore the way Sam (our nephew) says sandwich. When I pick him up from preschool and ask what he wants for lunch he says one of two things: hamburger with only pickles and catsup and chicken nuggets or a peanut butter and jelly swamich. I giggle to myself every time I hear him say swamich! It's so cute, so little boyish and I fear the day when he actually says the word sandwhich. But he will say sandwich one day as he continues to turn into this amazing little boy that Gabe just adores.

But this post isn't about Sam, it's about swamiches!

So, if it hasn't been made obvious before, I'm pretty neurotic about quite a few things. Some of the things I can't control, so I'm learning to let those go. Some other things I can control and I thrive on them. But then there are the things that I think I can control but really can't. One of the things I think I can control is what goes in Gabe's little tummy. And while he's had cake and ice cream, brownie batter (Matt!) and chips (again, Matt!), we try really hard to ensure he has a well balanced and nutritional diet.

But it s hard to get a toddler to eat what is healthy for them! Luckily Gabe is a really good eater and generally eats what we give him. If I believed in knocking on wood, this would be one of those times I'd knock on our floors. But I don't, so I won't!

And now I digress. Recently Gabe has been wanting new and different things at meal times. And I mean who really wants to eat a banana and waffle/oatmeal for breakfast, steamed veggies, meat/pasta and fruit for lunch, and steamed veggies, meat/pasta and fruit for dinner. I'll be the first to admit it was getting a little redundant.

So I knew we needed to switch it up! But where to start? I wanted it to be good for him, help with a balanced diet and provide him with a good flavor he would enjoy.

Enter swamiches. Trying to avoid allergy/health reactions we're staying away from peanut butter until Gabe's two. So in comes Sunbutter. It is yummy! It's chock full of protein, vitamins and has a smooth flavor. And Gabe loves it!

So while it's not your typical PB & J (it's more of a SB & J), Gabe likes it. And it's good for him, so we like it!

Presenting Gabe's 1st swamich made on whole grain bread (I'd prefer Ezekiel bread but we were out) with sunbutter and strawberry jam!

I think he had a little sunbutter stuck on the roof of his mouth

Sweet lunch success!

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Elizabeth, blogging for SunButter said...

Hi there,
LOVE this view of SunButter. Go, Gabe, go! As a SunButter blogger, your post made me smile. As a fellow mom, I appreciate your perspective and am so enjoying your posts. Thanks : )