Friday, March 4, 2011

UPS came by

And dropped off my shipment of Bead for Life products for the Bead for Life party I have planned for March 12.

Do you know about Bead for Life? You don't? Well, I didn't until I won 2 bangle bracelets that I blogged about here. Shortly after that post I decided to do something to help Bead for Life and host my own party. I hosted it last March. A few months ago I decided to host another party and now I'm thinking that it will be an annual March event. Can I call something that I put on in my own home an event? Well, I'm going too because anytime I'm surrounded by food, friends and merchandise that makes a difference, I think it should be called an event!

Bead for Life is an organization that helps women in Uganda work their way out of poverty by making these beautiful beads and turning them into jewelry. Click here to read more about Bead for Life.

And not only do they have beautiful beaded jewelry (really inexpensive at $5.00 a bangle bracelet) they now carry Shea butter lip gloss and Shea butter soap. I've used them both and like them both! Actually I love the lip gloss and like the soap but still prefer my own homemade bar soap.

So if you live in our area feel free to stop on by on Saturday March 12 (starting at 1:00) and browse the jewelry and leave knowing you're making the difference in the lives of women, mothers and their families, people just like us that are living with so much less than we are.

And now a peak at the stuff!
Shea Butter Lip Gloss and Jewelry Bags
3-strand and banded bracelets

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