Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Getting ready to move 1,100 miles away is much more exhausting then I thought it would be. So tonight, I only have the energy for a bulletin post update and my diaper bag is too far away so there will be no pictures either. No pictures but good news!

  • We have a house!! And can I tell you the surge of relief I feel knowing we won't be taking up permanent residency in a hotel [smile].

  • Matt was contacted by the relocation company today. They not only will move all of our stuff and our two cars but they will pack everything for us too! That frees up so many hours; hours I can spend making memories with family and friends!

  • While I'm excited about them packing us up, I'm completely weirded out about strangers touching our clothes. I'll be in a much better state of mind packing our clothes myself.

  • Gabe was a complete stinker at physical therapy this morning. Silly swing was out when we walked into the gym and the swing is Gabe's favorite. He may have been a stinker but he did climb all the way up and down the stairs in the gym! Way to go, Gabers!

  • Today brought two impromptu visits with friends. How I'm relishing these last few visits while we're Ohioans. Knowing your time is limited has an awesome effect on the way you cherish said time.

  • My mom locked her keys in her trunk today when we stopped at the mall (hehe) but that caused my dad to have to come out and get them out and eat dinner with us! Squeezing as many moments in with him and my mom as possible.

  • Gabe bought (maybe it was me) his first pair of tennis shoes today! And sandals. But he wore the tennis shoes out of the mall and looked super cute and grown-up. I know, I know, he's 20 months old and just got his 1st pair of sneakers! Sounds crazy but with his ankle foot orthotic and the expensive cost of children's shoes, it took us 20 months [smile].

  • Moving May 21st means Matt and I are missing are 2 favorite service opportunities of the year - I'm feeling pretty bummed about that.

  • We've hit a few hiccups in our adoption process in regards to the move. So frustrating and if I'm honest, it feels like this little one we already love so much just moved even further away. The only good thing I can think of is that we know God is already in Ethiopia with our baby, and He'll bring us there when we need to be there. I have to remind myself of this often throughout the day.

Well, I suppose that's a super long bulleted post... but I have lots of thoughts swirling in my brain and not a lot of energy to form continual sentences!

And now I must submit to the couch and TV that are beckoning me! [smile]

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Mari Bryant- Marks said...

Can't wait to hear/see more about your new home! Another friend of mine is also moving to Houston, middle of June... must be a great place. :)