Saturday, May 7, 2011

Texas Days 2 & 3

Matt and I had commented once or twice that going to Houston this week would be like a mini-vacation. We could have never been more wrong! This is what you look like after 15 or so hours of house hunting over a 2 day period:

We looked at between 30 - 40 houses on Wednesday and Thursday. I told Matt we should have been on House Hunters! We looked at a few houses more than once and narrowed our selection down to two. We placed an offer on a house Friday morning and have a second house on back-up. We really like both houses so either way we'll be happy.

Gabe was such a trooper. The first day of house hunting he took in complete stride; never once fussing about being in and out of his car seat many times. The second day he was done house hunting about noon. Fortunately for him it was our last day of looking at houses. Unfortunately for him we still had a few more hours to go! But truly, he did amazing and we were so proud of how resilient he was. Bringing out his buggy for the ranch style houses definitely perked him up a bit.

Some random pictures of Gabe while we were house hunting.

Just so you know, none of these pictures are of either of our prospective houses. This is for two reasons. One is we didn't take any pictures of one of the houses (the owners were home) and the other house we only took a picture of the outside. We do have the links to the house and will probably post that after we find out which house belongs to us!

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