Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just a tiny bit....

over the hill!! [SMILE]

Today is my Mom's birthday and Gabe wanted to make sure that we said Happy Birthday in every way possible!!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Thank you for all you do for us; from keeping Gabe at night (it's only been once and I'm not enitrely sure how I feel about that yet) to taking Gabe out of service so Matt and I can enjoy church together. Dinners together, shopping trips, walks outside and coffee breaks are so much fun but mostly I'm grateful for how much you love my family; me, Matt and Gabe. We love you so much. And while Texas will put a few more miles between our bodies, we'll be as close in heart as ever.

Love you!

And Gabe says "Bala ca da bo no sol dada poo do clat" translated too"Happy Birthday to my most favorite Nonny every"

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