Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Year


One year ago today, you legally became ours. I'm not sure if it's because we knew you were ours from the first time we met you or with the craziness of moving to Texas but we actually forgot about the significance of May 25, 2010. Honestly out of all your "special" days; birthday, gotcha day and even the day Miss B and Mr C chose us to be your parents, your adoption day seems the least significant. I think it's because it's more about the red tape of adoption then the love adoption brings to people.

We didn't exactly forget, it just slipped by us so quickly that we didn't have time to celebrate. To celebrate you and the miracles God has given us since we became your parents. Most days I feel completely inadequate to be your Mama. For some reason that I will never understand, God chose us, two imperfect people to be your parents. Being the parents to a boy who is perfectly made in God's image is a little humbling to say the least.

Adoption has given us the gift of life. And through your life we have learned to cherish the little moments along with the big ones because each one is precious. We've watched you challenge doctors diagnosis's and win, teaching us to never let our path be determined by what other people think. And we've learned a lot about love; a love that is stronger, deeper and fiercer than anything we've ever felt.

So today, just like every day, we celebrate you and the love, life and laughter you've brought us.

Thank you so much for being our son and teaching us what being a parent really means. We love you moosh-moosh!

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