Monday, May 16, 2011

My cup

Saturday Matt, Gabe and I were invited to dinner with some close friends, kind of a last hurrah before we move Houston. Despite the rain and detours we were right on time. Jessie welcomed us at the front door and we walked back towards the kitchen where it wasn't just our friends' sweet family of 5 waiting for us but our life group as well. And not just the life group we're saying goodbye to now, but the other families from the life groups we've been in over the years! After getting over the surprise and composing myself from a few tears; fun was to be had. There was lots of food to be eaten, lots of friends for Gabe to play with and lots of last memories to be made.

Delicious dessert, some of the little ones (I think there was 16 children 6 and under!), sweet sleeping Chase and yummy food.

me, Jessie (our sweet hostess) and Sam

I tried to take lots of pictures. It didn't work out so well. But I did get a few random photo's that will be cherished forever. While they may not be the best quality photo's, they are reminders of how blessed our life in Ohio was, friendships that changed our lives and brothers and sisters in Christ that stretches, strengthened and challenged me.

more pictures of friends

I'm fairly certain I would've done my hair had I known it wasn't going to be just us and the G family! at least I work my I love Africa shirt!

And of course the tears came when it was time to leave. Lots of tears! Tears of sadness that Houston isn't a little bit closer to Ohio, tears of grief for the relationships we're leaving, tears of regret for moments lost but also tears of joy at how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our life.

Sunday brought more good byes see you laters. Sunday I spent the day with my lovelies.

I call them my lovelies because best friend sounds so cliche and they are so much more than friends. We went to Chagrin Falls to spend a wonderful spring afternoon together. But it was a lot less like a spring day and much more like a cold, fall day.

But the weather wasn't very noticeable. Our first stop was at Jeni's. Be still my heart, I have never had ice cream that divine. We sampled first and then made our picks. I can not fathom ever finding an ice cream parlor with flavors that were so unique but perfect. I sampled Ugandan Vanilla Bean, Wildberry Lavender and Salty Caramel. My cup was filled with Brambleberry Crisp, Savannah Buttermint and the smoothest chocolate ice cream I've ever had. Each bite was delectable and gone way too fast. If you've never been there, you must go! I already need to go back!

After Jeni's Meg, Sondra and I darted in and out of a few different shops dodging the rain before settling in for the long haul at Starbucks. Starbucks is the perfect place for 3 girls to catch up, reminisce and avoid saying goodbye.

Hours later when the good byes were imminent, I wondered just how you say good bye to people that are much more a part of you then you ever imagined possible. Saturday night as we were saying good bye, I was able to just rush out the door. Sunday escape wasn't that easy.

Rather than saying good bye there were a few fierce hugs and see you laters.

Because it really is see you later more than goodbye. Visits will be had, more memories will be made and each day together will be a little more sweeter because the bitter taste of goodbye is always in the background.

Despite saying goodbyes and the sadness that comes along with saying good bye; I realized one thing. I've known this for awhile but this weekend the feeling has intensified or been magnified; we are so blessed.

My cup? My cup runneth over.

Psalm 23:5 "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over."

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