Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gabe did fabulous on his first ever plane ride! After a few snafu's getting on the plane (read Meredith almost forgetting her phone and having to go back home, 50 German exchange students in front of us at security and then our bags taking forever to go through the scanner, not because of anything pointy, sharp or restricted but because of the baby food! that they then had to use a scanner on to make sure it didn't have any radiation/fumes coming from it. Note to self, do not take baby food on plane ride)**. But we made it onto the plain only to find our seats and watch the look of disgust fall on the face of the person that would be sitting next to us. Thankfully there was many open seats and we found a row all to ourselves. We became comfy and then prepared to take on Texas.

Ready for take-off:

Shortly after taking off, Gabe cuddled in and took a nice long nap. He probably slept for a little over an hour. And when he woke up he was happy, excited and such a good boy!

There's nothing better than a snack of crackers after waking up from a nap. On a plane [smile].

Being silly is always fun whether your at home or flying high in the sky!

Gabe spent about half the plane ride just looking out the window. He was super cute as he pointed at things out the window and 'talked' about what he saw to us.

Our hotel:

Fancy, Mexican looking decorations, all out of Gabe's reach.

And somehow I neglected to take pictures of our room before we destroyed it. And by destroyed I mean put clothes, toiletries and Gabe's stuff all over. Suffice it to say it's a suite with 2 big beds, wood floors, ceramic tile floors, a not-so-comfy couch, full service kitchen and lots of fluffy pillows!

Besides the fabulous accommodations the hotel has not only a complimentary continental breakfast but also a complimentary dinner and drinks each night! I have never heard of a complimentary dinner... but we'll take it!

Gabe and Daddy ready to go out to dinner!

We had some of the best Mexican I've ever tasted! A little reminiscent of Nuevo Acapulco in North Olmsted. Gabe loved the beans and rice. He ate so much of it that I'm a bit nervous about his diapers tomorrow (he, he). So yummy that I forgot to take any pictures!

Now Gabe's asleep, Matt's watching A&E (yes, we are in TV heaven!) and I'm on the computer! Tomorrow we take on Houston real estate! Ready or not, we need a place to call home!

**longest parenthetical comment ever [smile]


Mari Bryant- Marks said...

Love the update! Have fun house hunting .

Heather and Chad said...

So glad you made it!!!! Hoping you will start to feel more and more settled as days go by and very soon you will have a place to call home (although we all know that a little bit of you will always think of Ohio when you say "home".) Happy House Hunting!!!