Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Giving: Day 11

On the 12th day of giving, my blog brings to you..... Fair Trade Sports

For the men and boys in my life... these would be perfect! Or you know, girls like soccer too... I just don't have any to gift these too!

From their website:

Fair Trade Sports, Inc is the first sports equipment company in North America to launch a full line of Eco + Fair Trade Certified sports balls, ensuring fair wages and healthy working conditions for our adult workers.

We have both an online retail store and volume discounts, as well as the ability to make custom ball designs for your organization. Be sure to also check out our product certifications.

We are committed to donate all profits after taxes to children’s charities, both domestic and international. Sound familiar? It’s a similar idea to the one behind the Newman’s Own brand you see in the grocery store.

We expect to reach profitability pretty darn soon. Until then, we donate $1000 annually to these charities, which benefit at-risk children worldwide.

A purchase from Fair Trade Sports ensures a worker is earning a livable wage for their work (no sweat shops or child labor used here!)

Children are never to young to learn about helping others and saving the environment and Fair Trade Sports combines both of these.

I'm pretty sure my nephew Ethan would look even more awesome if he was dribbling the orange soccer ball down the field!

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