Saturday, December 10, 2011

How did I forget?

I'm not sure how I forgot to mention this! Last Wednesday we received some fabulous news. Like jump up and down, do the happy dance, news!

Let me digress for a second. We are so blessed that Matt works for an employer with good insurance. Gabriel's allotted therapy visits doubled from his allotted visits in Ohio. Which is awesome. However, in Ohio, Gabe did have fabulous secondary insurance provided by the state of Ohio that covered all of his extra visits and many other things. Gabe does not have that here in Texas and we're finding it very difficult to find secondary insurance her for Gabe. We don't qualify for most; financially, ethnically or disability wise. And while we will be appealing one of the denials, Gabe needs his therapy regardless of coverage but with PT twice a week, OT once a week and speech starting early next year; Gabe's appointment allotments would be gone quickly.

And now here comes the awesome news! As I kept coming up with zero results, Matt mentioned to his boss what was going on. She made a few calls and last Wednesday, Matt called with the great news. Gabe's file has been marked and he has as many therapy appointments for 2012 as needed.

Talk about an answered prayer!

Gabe was pretty excited too!

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