Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Offerings

Three years ago (or so) I picked up the CD Christmas Offerings from Third Day at the local christian bookstore. Little did I know that in just a few short days, my hopes in this world would succumb and I would cling to track 13 like a man lost in the desert thirsts for water.

Little did I know that God was already knitting Gabriel together in his birth mothers womb. What I did know was that God had a plan for me that was good (Jeremiah 29:11) but I was anxious for it. I so longed to wrap my arms around a baby that was mine. And I had to keep faith that he or she was out there somewhere.

So I listened to the song Merry Christmas continually. Honestly, I'm surprised that the track still plays [smile]. Because this year, I listen to this song as long as Gabe will relinquish his rights to veggie tales in the car.

Because now, 3 years later, we're waiting again. Waiting for a child, that because of this broken world needs to find his family with us. Whether it be violence, poverty or sickness; our little one will find his way half-way around the world to know the love of a family, the strength of a father, the gentleness of a mother and the fun of a big brother.

And just like that desperate Christmas of 2008, I'm finding hope in this song. . Hope in the lyrics that one Christmas our little one will be home. Because in God's time, our little one will come home. Whether he's entered this world or not, we're waiting for him... praying for him... and loving him already.

Realistically next Christmas we'll still be a family of 3 but I'm hoping and praying that God's timing, as perfect as it always is and always will be, is sooner than later.

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Dardi said...

Oh, Meredith...**tears**