Sunday, December 11, 2011

Children's Museum Fun: Take One

Thursday, Gabe and I braved the crazy Houston traffic and headed downtown to the Children's Museum. It was our first time going but I documented it as Take One because I am sure we will be going again. Soon. Actually, it was so fantastic I'm contemplating a pass so that we can go as off as we like.

The Children's Museum of Houston was fantastic; and just as they state in the brochure; definitely geared to 2 - 12 year old children. The second we walked in Gabe's face was lit up with excitement from the little planes hanging from the ceiling, the Cree (Christmas Tree) in the entry way and the machines and gears ready to be played with.

We made our way through the are labeled "Mexican city on a hill" and checked out the different stores, house and roads available and then headed upstairs. Upstairs to the Tot Spot. And this was the place to be for Gabe. Available only to children 3 years old and younger, there was so much for Gabe to do and so much fun to be had. From little vehicles to thousands of blocks and balls, Gabe made himself right at home. There were gears to play with, light switches to flick and gross motor areas to explore. Coupled with the sand box outside, library area, ball pits and houses to explore Gabe was in little boy heaven! And I was in mama heaven as I watched him play, explore and learn. Gabe even made a few little friends as he climbed up next to them to play. Gabe sure does love playing with other kids, so he was tickled pink by seeing the masses of toddlers around to play with him.

The Children's Museum is definitely the place to be for Gabe to learn, play and grow! We can't wait to go back!

Gabe checked out the wheels that made the gears turn
and the bubbles and balls that floated in the multi-colored cylinder
Gabe sat in a pretend car (and a real car)
and explored stained glass flowers that spun. He would actually get 3 or 4 to spin at one time. Gabe also liked to look up close and see the world in a different hue.

Gabe crawled through tunnels and climbed up inclines,

played many different musical instruments
and did a lot more climbing!

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Anonymous said...

How much fun!! Can't wait to go with him. A pass is certainly in order. Good therapy for him also. Love him.