Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve festivities started early with a visit with some good friends.  Gabe was in heaven with little people to play with and I'm certain the adults had just as much fun talking!  I must say it was almost a miracle to get a picture of all 4 kids looking at the camera at once.

Gabe and his friends Aleksander, Landon and Elizabeth

After a beautiful Christmas Eve service, we headed over to Matt's Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie's house. They host Christmas Eve dinner every year and we always have the best time. Good food, great company and for Gabe, the dogs Jack and Coco are the stars of Christmas Eve.

Our family on Christmas Eve

Uncle Jud, Gabe, Daddy, Grandma, Uncle Tony and Uncle Chris

The LaGorga boys!

Gabe loved Aunt Julie's dog Jack!

And I'm fairly certain there is nothing cuter than a little boy in a sweater vest and tweed pants. 

A church service filled with a quiet Gabriel and candle light and a family dinner filled with love, laughter and of course, doggies made for a beautiful Christmas Eve. 

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Steve & Megan said...

Ah! Tweed pants! Also, did I spy elbow patches on Matt's jacket? You know how I adore elbow patches.