Monday, December 26, 2011

Pre-Christmas Festivities

Thursday night a new Christmas tradition began: decorating my parents Christmas tree!  Hopefully this tradition carries on until we make our way back to Ohio and can go back to cutting our Christmas tree down at the farm! 

Me and Gabe before the fun begins!

Gabe hanging an ornament!

J, S and E hanging ornaments!  Or posing next to ornaments.

And the angel goes on top, compliments of Ethan
Gabe gettting some love from Auntie Annie
Gabe giving some love to Uncle Matt
Then Friday night, Matt and I snuck out to see A Christmas Carol in downtown Cleveland.  The Great Lakes Theater Group put on a fabulous show and it was so nice for Matt and I to be able to have a night out.  Just the two of us.  The lady that took the picture of us said it was cute, I think it just screams awkward!  It was so nice to be out together that we actually went to the mall afterwards because it was open until 11:00pm and we had some time to kill.  Surprisingly, at least to us, there were a ton of people there!  
Christmas tree at the entrance.  I love the ribbon dangling down, may need to try that next year!
View from our front row seats.

Awkward, right?!
It is so great to be home and celebrating with our family and friends!

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Steve & Megan said...

You are both adorable - maybe you look "Awkward" because you were so surprised to be out alone? hehe. I CANNOT WAIT to see you. :-)