Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Like Father, Take 2

Like father, like son... take 2. Just like Gabe likes to watch 'ball' on the television like Matt, Gabe also shares the same weakness as his dad. What's this weakness you ask?

Chips! Potato chips, Doritos, corn chips... you name it! If it's a chip Matt and Gabe will eat it.

And we learned the hard way, that if you leave a bag of chips near Gabe he will dig right in! On a plus side, he hasn't acquired my need for chocolate on a daily basis!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love...love...love it, him I should say. 14 more days!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HA HA oh my gosh! That is sooo funny!!!!

michelle said...

Love it! Chips aren't safe in my house either...but the day my kiddos find my chocolate stash is the day they will have to move out :)