Monday, December 19, 2011

Did you know?

That one of my 'bucket list' aspirations is to be in a flash mob. Since I lack the gene that allows your body to find rhythm and I'm also not very vocally inclined, the chances of me being included in a flash mob are slim to none.

But a Christmas flash mob... oh that would be just a dream come true. Combining my love of Christmas with a flash mob, I'd surely pass out in anticipation! One can only hope to be so lucky to take part in such a fest!

Now for your viewing pleasure... because there's no way I could just pick one!

This one just makes me smile...

I especially like the meaning behind this one:

This one is definitely not my favorite but I love that a church got together to do this one! Jessie.. if you read this, next year at Christmas... you and me, we're going to do this in Ohio!

I'm thinking next Christmas, Target parking lot.... because who the heck's heard of schnucks?

Hope these brought a little smile to your face!

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